Aberdeen Group Research: Integrated Transportation

Aberdeen Group Transportation Benchmark Study

Aberdeen Group recently released complimentary integrated transportation benchmark studies. The research shows how Best-in-Class companies gain more visibility while transforming supply-demand networks and technology.

These companies have looked beyond their internal capabilities and systems by:

  • Partnering with a solutions provider
  • Enhancing cost & service dynamically
  • Collaborating across their global supply chain

BENCHMARK STUDY #1: Global Trade and Supply Chain Management
Aberdeen Group’s research benchmark study reveals that trade compliance teams are actively revamping and augmenting their Global Trade Management (GTM) and their Global Trade Compliance (GTC) programs to stay current with supply and demand fluctuations, growing global operations, increasing operational complexity and risk, and trade lane changes. ACCESS THE STUDY NOW >>

BENCHMARK STUDY #2: International Transportation
Aberdeen Group’s research benchmark study shares that dynamic supply chain optimization capabilities and near real-time visibility to detailed supply chain events are key requirements to thriving within the complex and shifting international transportation and global trade environment. ACCESS THE STUDY NOW >>

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